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Pin of the Day: Paper plate rainbows

Happy St Paddy's Day! My heritage is Orish, so I'm in my green socks - you've gotta wear a touch of green on Paddy's Day.

I thought I'd round the kids up this afternoon to make a St Patrick's Day inspired craft. That's if we can get our heads around the mountain of homework these poor kids drag home every Monday. I loathe homework even more as an adult than I did as a kid. Stop the homework! Stop it!

Anyway, these little paper plate rainbows by A Little Delightful are more than a little delightful. I was going to go the whole 'shamrock' thing, but then I thought the leprechauns would appreciate a rainbow even more. That and the fact that I still have an abundance of coloured streamers left over (and kept for years!) from Capper's Rainbow Party. I also have a few gold coins left over from Christmas, too, so they'll make a nice little treat when we've finished.

May your year be filled with the best of luck! Maybe not the luck of the Irish, but real LUCK!

Visit A Little Delightful (it's a gorgeous blog so you won't be sorry, not at all) or click on the image above to repin the pin!

Do you have any of the Irish in you?


Sam Stone said...

Loving these plates. Pinned!
Yep I do, my paternal grandfather was born in Ireland. My maiden name is Murphy :)

My Yellow Heart said...

What a gorgeous craft idea. Will definetly be trying something like this at home x

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Totes adorbs.

Olivia said...

Yes Bron, sporting a green ribbons, green food and homemade shamrock brooches.

katiecrackernuts said...

I love the sun and rainbow craft. Love it so much I am using it for a Girl Guide activity tomorrow. It's a good-un.

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